Hand in Hand

We are incredibly excited to announce that Landmark has a new project to support jobseekers in Bradford.

Since 2012 we have run weekly job clubs and drop-in IT training, giving local people a place to get online, find out more about what the Internet can do for them, and conduct their job search. With help from Awards For All we have now been able to expand this work, providing one-to-one coaching to people who are long term unemployed.

The project builds on our 2013-14 Learning to Fly initiative, also run in conjunction with Awards For All. As then, our aim is to provide a supportive, warm setting, where people are cared for and treated with consideration and respect. This time though, the ability to work one-to-one means we can provide a service absolutely tailored to individual need.

We began working with our first intake of recruits on 1st May. Each has carried out a detailed self-assessment of their skills and barriers to employment, and created a personal action plan. We are providing ongoing mentoring to develop both work skills and job search skills. As anyone who’s ever taken a job interview knows, the two can be very different!

Places are limited, but one of our initial mentees has already started a job, so more may become available. Anyone who’s interested should start by attending one of our regular IT drop-ins.