Flying Lessons at Landmark?

We’re all pretty excited here at Landmark about our exciting new programme ‘Learning to fly’. We’ve received funding from the National Lottery – Awards for All strand to pilot the scheme and we’re putting the finishing touches to it as we speak.

It’s aimed at people who’ve been trying to find work for some time and don’t feel like they’re getting anywhere, for people who’ve never worked, for mums returning to the job market after raising a family and for people who were claiming long term disability benefit but due to benefit changes now need to find work.

We know how demoralising it is applying for jobs through Universal Jobmatch, how hard it is to search using computers when you can barely type and what a kick in the teeth it is every time a potential employer says no, or worse still, doesn’t even acknowledge that you applied.

‘Learning to fly’ is about looking at things a little differently. Shifting focus and taking a fresh approach. It certainly won’t be to everyone’s liking…

‘If what you’re doing isn’t working then try something else’


More details coming soon. Watch this space!