Exciting New IT Programme Launched

We’ve appointed our new IT Coordinator who will be leading our revamped IT programme beginning on the 22nd October:

All of our classes are free and are delivered in our warm and well equipped IT room. If you’ve never used a computer before that’s okay, we’ll take you through from the very beginning at a pace that you feel comfortable with.

Classes are held on a ‘drop in’ basis. You are welcome to begin at any time. If you prefer to book a place then email us here or call the office 01274 733798 or mobile 07722 134544

Mondays 1:30pm-3:30pm: IT Skills for work
Getting the most out of essentials like Word, Excel and email
Thursdays 10am-12pm: Beginners’ IT
From first principles with a computer, or come in with your
smartphone, tablet or iPod for an introduction
Thursdays 6pm-8pm: Social Media Surgery
Everything from keeping your child safe on Facebook and Skyping with
family abroad, to starting and running a blog